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Unique Ladies Fleece Jackets

Unique Ladies Fleece Jackets


Unique Ladies Fleece Jackets for the unique you, does Clothing have to be mass produced?

Are we loosing the attraction to uniform fashion? I think maybe it is changing a little. I notice that the runs of  styles are becoming shorter, the clothing offered in shops is changing more often.

Womens hooded Fleece JacketWho does not want that one piece of clothing nobody else has, Clothing that defines you, not be another number on a sheet.[maxbutton id=”2″]

Making Unique Ladies Fleece Jackets for me is a philosophy, paying homage to the uniqueness of everybody. I dislike uniforms, because they don’t leave room for individuality, make you a number.ladies fleece jumper

What injustice to the beauty that is in all of us, what crime to all of our individuality.

I don’t want to be like you, my mother, my sister, yes I carry traits of all of you, but I combine them differently, shade them differently, and that makes me, me!

Be courageous and be you, beautiful, unique you. We are past the stage, I hope, that anybody cares what the neighbours thin. Yes, we all want to be liked, but liked as us, the real you of that day, that moment, always changing always growing.

A friend said to me a long time, “It is a sad day, when you don’t learn anything” it has stayed with me for all these years, I think of it often, enjoy my growing.

Ladies fleece jacket'Bolero'When will I stop growing? when I die, Just like in nature. I love learning, new experiences, new fabrics, new colors, new food, new stories that make me think. Sometimes not new, just different shades, different angles, different perspectives, a new slant on an old theme, always interesting. It keeps life interesting and full of spice.

A certain amount of sameness is reassuring, a lot of it is just plain boring.Handmade Fleeces Women

Be courageous, have an interesting life!   [maxbutton id=”2″]


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