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Unique Fleece Baby Blanket

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Unique Fleece Baby Blanket

Unique fleece Baby blanket

Last week I got a call from a clearly upset/stressed parent regarding a Unique Fleece Baby Blanket of ours.

Seemingly, on a journey from Dublin to Amsterdam, the previous week, the precious Baby Present, a Unique Fleece Baby Blanket ‘Farm’ was lost. Nobody knew quiet what happened, except that when the Parents, Toddler and Baby arrived in Amsterdam, there was no Fleece Baby Blanket. [maxbutton id=”2″]Unique Fleece Baby blanket

The Parents didn’t think too much about it, but that night, when it came to bedtime, seemingly all hell broke loose, and the Baby wouldn’t go to sleep.

The little boy had been usually covered with his Unique Fleece Baby Blanket, and slept soundly. Not that night, or the following 2 nights. The parents went and bought him another one in a shop in Amsterdam, but he just wasn’t having it.

When they got back to Dublin I got a call, asking if I could make an exact replica of the lost ‘Farm’ Baby Blanket. Thankfully they had a photograph, and I was able to oblige.

Voila, the little boy slept again soundly. A strange story, No? well I thought so, a little flattered of course.

personalized unique fleece Baby BlanketI am not claiming any magic sleeping  potions here attached to our Fleece Baby Blankets. I am amazed that a baby, of I think around 6 months, is aware of the difference of one blanket to the other. I am wondering what it was that this little boy liked so much. Was it the feel of the sheep, the different textures of Fleece, the mix of colours?

It is not the first time that I have been told that a Baby won’t go to sleep without their Blackfield Baby Blanket, and it probably won’t be the last, but it never stops to amaze me.

How sensitive and perceptive Babies are, and are we as Adults often ‘careless’ thinking that they don’t mind, don’t understand, don’t see???? An interesting thought and one to keep in mind.

Have a nice weekend, I am hoping for sunshine, but the weather forecast is not great for Achill, Hoping they are wrong!

Sabine                [maxbutton id=”6″]unique fleece baby blanket

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