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A unique Baby Gift

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A unique Baby Gift

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After 21 years making them, I can honestly say that our Baby Blankets are a unique Baby Gift.

And that is not just me that is saying that, no, all the people that have been given them are of the same opinion, and give them again and again.unique Baby Gift

My friends and customers really appreciate giving a unique Baby Gift, rather than something that is available everywhere. [maxbutton id=”2″]

Having added the option of customisation and personalization has added another dimension. I am amazed and delighted how many people are availing of the options.

In this world of mass production, to be able to give a ‘one off gift’ is truly special, fitting for a new arrival to this world of ours.

unique Baby GiftTalking of Babies and Children, this morning, on the Anton Savage Show (Today FM) a really interesting item about food and kids. He interviewed Dr. Maya Shetreat Klein, author of ‘Healthy Food, Healthy Gut, Happy Child; The Real Dirt on Raising Healthy Kids in a Processed World’

Its about the importance of non processed, old fashioned food, and the relation to your child’s mental and physical health. Just as my mother always told me keep it simple, keep it fresh. Well worth a listen.

Convenience and the food industry often lead us on a track that is not so good for your and your children’s health.

Rearing children is an important and full time job, never boring , always  demanding in one form or another.

Am I right Parents out there? and the more we put in, the more we educate ourselves and try and find our best way, hopefully the more grounded and happy our children will grow up.

And hopefully will turn into happy adults. That’s the aim.

I always have felt and feel, child rearing should be taught in secondary school, so one is not so completely clueless when the time comes to become a parent.Personalized Baby Fleece Blanket

When I had No 2 it was so much easier, I had an idea what I was doing. No 1 was trial and error and learning as I went along.

On that note, I wish you a good week  enjoy, Sabine     [maxbutton id=”2″]



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