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How it all started

How it all started

Hot-Totz Fleece Jacket 'Multi' I am in reflective sort of mood, I have a friend staying that used to live on Achill 20  years ago, when it all started, so there is lots of talk of old times. (Too much talk).


So yes, how did I start making childrens fleece clothing? Well I come from a  background of sewing and craft, my mother made our own clothes, so it is  something, that has always been in my life. When I was pregnant with my first child,  it brought  out my instinct of providing. I knitted some baby jumpers, as you do,  but had just discovered fleece and loved its ease of care, never having been a fan of  hand washing. So I went and sourced some pieces of fabric and started making kids  fleeces. Initially for my own baby, then when I realized what a great fabric good  quality fleece is, I started making some pieces for friends. The ease of care and the  cosiness soon convinced me that here was an avenue that was worth exploring.

At that time, and to this day, the styling of fleece is pretty boring. So I decided to  make it fun and bright, to me that’s how a child’s life should be. For nearly 20 years  now I have enjoyed creating cosy bright, fun fleeces for children all over the world.

I love working with a fabric, that not just looks good, but also performs well on every level, as long as it is of high quality.

It washes easily, deals very well with spills, looks great wash after wash and most of all is cosy and warm.

So then came the avenue of selling, first on markets, then retailers, and nowadays it is a bit both, this website being the latest marketing adventure.

I make a quality product, and only yesterday a customer told me that my fleeces lasted too long…..

What can I say???  I am not a fan of in build obsolescence.Hot-Totz Childrens Fleece Jacket 'Spiral'

The photographs are of my kids when they were small, I don’t use kids photographs on the site for obvious reasons. Protecting children is my instinct.[maxbutton id=”2″]

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