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Personalized New Baby Gift

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Personalized New Baby Gift


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Personalized New Baby Gift, the Handmade Baby Blanket, has just got better!

Fleece Baby Blanket personalizedI know it is and has been such a great present, really hard to beat. But Thanks to suggestions from  our wonderful customers, we have added an option to each different blanket to personalize it.

The idea of putting a name onto one of our unique Handmade Blankets, has really taken you guys out there by storm, and we are delighted to be of service.   [maxbutton id=”6″]

I can understand that. A new baby is something so special, a new dawn, a new beginning.

Thank you for inspiring us to develop our Baby Blanket into a Personalized New Baby Gift. Personalized new baby Gift

We love inspiration.

I feel very privileged to have such great and loyal customer/friends.

Every Summer here in Achill I feel like the luckiest Woman hearing all the kind comments when you come to visit us at The Yellow Lady Design Centre.

unique fleece baby blanket

10 Years Old

Some of you I have known for the last 20 years and am now dressing your Grandchildren!

Some of you come into the shop wearing Jackets that have seen many moons, and still look great.

Some of your Jackets have been ‘robbed’ by your children, that wear them now with pride, amazing.   Thank you!

I hate to mention it, but it is nearly back to school time, and all that. Are you organized?fleece baby blanket boat

Our summer came early as most years, and there were no holidays for most. It needs to change, as I have mentioned before.

A lot of people in Ireland that choose to holiday at home in didn’t get much sunshine unfortunately. None the less most visitors here on Achill seem to have had a great break. Isn’t that what it is about?

A change of scenery, A rest. There is lots to do in Achill now, for Kids and Adults alike, so a good holiday can be had whatever the weather.

Maybe see you in Achill sometime?? In the meantime enjoy my on-line Shop

All the best Sabine    [maxbutton id=”2″]

Autumn Glory Achill Island


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