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Sale or no Sale is the question

Sale or no Sale

Sale or no Sale is the question

January is coming to an end and so are the Sales. Not that nowadays we don’t have Sales all the time.

Consumerism is rampant, and buying something because it is on sale, not because we need it, is a popular past time.

Shopping is for many a leisure activity.     Check out shop

I am a vendor online, as well as in my shop here on Achill Island, and except for sometimes a small basket in my local shop I don’t do sales.

My overstocks go to the local charity shop.

I worked for a few years in the fashion industry, and the company had some very well known customers. Every autumn they would ask us to make sale lines. Cheaper fabrics, cheaper finish, but the customer would still make the same money.

I am not very fond of these kind of sales tactics. So I decided, I wasn’t gonna participate in that part of the game.

My business is about consistent good quality and value. I believe if your product is good enough it will find its customers.

Well how have you been?     Here on Achill Island, January has been a bit grim. One storm after the next, lots of rain, and then a few glorious days that keep us from going insane.

The first daffodile has raised its head, and there is nothing more joyful to my soul than that wonderful vibrant yellow.

There is, as we say around here, ‘ a stretch in the day’, it doesn’t get dark now until 5.30pm ish.

We all hope for some dry weather and a bit of heat, the land is just saturated, its all muck.

This winter has been and is hard enough, last year we got spoiled by a beautiful dry winter. But that is how it goes, and climate change has made the weather unpredictable anyway.

I wish everybody health happiness and fulfillment in your life Take care 

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