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New Baby Presents/personalized


new baby presents/personalized

New Baby Presents/personalized

Looking for new baby presents/personalized maybe ?  You are in the right spot.   check it out

We specialize in unique baby blankets and baby jackets. Our baby blankets can be personalized, or even better be creative and pick your own motifs if you like. 

Custom baby blanket with name

For over 20 years we make baby blankets and baby jackets, and according to our customers, these are the pieces that they hold on to. Those special pieces that you do not want to part with. 

And they stand the test of time, in and out of the wash again and again, unique baby presentslooking great always. 

We are proud of the quality of our product, and love the uniqueness. No motif ever the exact same as the next. Just like there are no two children the same. 

And our jackets and blankets are not only gorgeous, they are also extremely practical and useful. For the child, they are soft and instantly warm, for the parent, easy to wash and fast to dry. In an emergency they are easy to wipe clean. 

So here is happiness for all. The ideal gift, giving long lasting joy. New Baby Presents/personalized

It has been busy, as always around this time of year, last springs fun…….

How has 2018 been for you so far? I hope good. 

On Achill Island, as in the west of Ireland in general it has been windy. We are wearing layers of warm clothing, the hairstyle has gone under the permanent wearing of hats. 

Nature at its best, and strongest. Storm after storm, it can go on one’s nerves, but then comes a nice day and we forget it all. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly a bit of sunshine makes up for wind and rain. 

new baby presents personalizedIt is howling outside as I write this, but the fire and the blanket is warm, so what the heck.

I hope you are well, and wish you joy and happiness, be kind to each other.


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