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Holiday time for you?

Holiday Time

Holiday Time – Busy Time

The months of July and August are holiday time for a lot of people. Shop Now

On Achill Island, being a tourist resort, holiday time is a crazy busy time for a lot of us. We have very much 2 different lives in the year.

There is the calm of winter, where we focus on our local community, and then there is summertime, with lots of new people to meet.

We often say to each other,’See you in September’, everybody knows there is no space, no time.

Our children come home, but we don’t see much of them, because they are out at work.

Often visitors forget we are not on holidays, we have schedules, trying to keep everybody happy.

And yes,  we would love to chat and enjoy the view with our guests, it often is just not possible. Too many things to do, too many places to be.

We cross paths with many an interesting person, but mostly we don’t even get to really meet them.

Peak Season                

Where ever you are travelling to this summer, keep in mind that whoever is serving you and making your holiday special, has a very different life.  Think of your busiest time of the year, and yes that is us in peak season.

I often feel that this point gets forgotten. Spare a thought for those that are looking after you and are doing their best. They could be tired, full to capacity with so many different vibes coming towards them.

Everybody tries their best, but the people looking after you are just that, people. Good days, bad days, children crying, no sleep, long shift, row with the boyfriend/girlfriend  and all that,    life.

Wherever you go in the world in peak season, it will be the same.

So please spare a thought for those that are trying to make your holiday special.

See you on Achill Island    Sabine

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