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Crazy Weather/ Achill Island

Crazy weather Achill Island What crazy weather on Achill Island this week

It’s been a Roller coaster  here on Achill Island, with  crazy weather.

The week started off cold enough 10-12 degrees celsius, overcast, grey, then midweek it went in the morning to 18-20 and then up to a hot day on Thursday of 24 degrees celsius to come down again today to 12 degrees.

Our poor bodies don’t know what is happening.  Its been a jacket or jumper, summer dress, fleece jumper scenario.

And we thought we were finished with fleece jumpers and jackets for a while. Maybe just use them in the evenings. Apparently not.       [maxbutton id=”2″ ]                                        girls hooded pullover

This is what I mean about crazy weather on Achill Island. It always changes a lot, living by the Atlantic makes sure of that. But this week has been extreme. Full of energy one day, sleepy and dull the next.

My animals don’t know what they are at, running around  in the sun and back to sleeping in front of the fire.

They are looking out going ‘Oh really’.

cosy womens fleece jacketWe all feel that way, had been moving the T-shirts to the front of the drawer………   I am getting really fed up of wearing jumpers and jackets, are you?

But what can we do about the weather? Nothing much, just get on with it.  Irish weather world famous for its changeability.  I see in the shops all the summer clothes are going on specials, it is just so risky to stock summer clothing with this kind of scenario.

So yep if you are buying clothing, think of what you get most use out of.  We all have to start taking responsibility for the future, and our planet. Cheap quality clothing that will end up on landfill the environment can’t afford anymore.

We need to change our thinking and invest in clothing that will last and that we get wear out of.

Here’s to a future for our kids.     [maxbutton id=”4″ ]

Crazy weather Achill Island



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