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Cosy fleece sweater for the autumn

Cosy fleece Sweater

Cosy fleece sweater needed

I hear the wind howl, and my cosy fleece sweater keeps me nice and warm. Autumn has come, but this year I don’t like the change of season.       Shop Now

Ladies Sweater PoloWe really had no summer here on Achill Island, it just rained a lot and there was no heat to speak of. The land is so wet, it can’t take anymore water. We didn’t have much growth this summer, my summer flowers are only having a nice showing now.

Is this the result of climate change, and the way future summers will be? Will it always be so cold? The statistics say,  that the temperatures are rising, but this summer there were only very few days that I was comfortable without my cosy fleece  sweater. 

It seems here along the Wild Atlantic Way, I will be in my Fleeces all year round. A quality fleece jacket always a good investment.Womens Fleece Hoodie

Since the scientists and thinkers have as of yet not come up with a definite pattern, we will just have to wait and see what the future brings.

I live here on Achill Island for 30 years now  and I can say the weather has changed. There has always been rain and bad weather, a bad year here and there, but when was the last good summer?

We had a beautiful winter last year, to make up for the  no show summer.  I can’t remember a nice spring and more than a couple of weeks of summer weather in a while.Big Sweater

Yes, there are definitely changes afoot. I suppose we just have to let go of the idea of seasons, like they used to be, and avail of the sun when it is out. Take a break at the drop of a hat? Weather nice next week, let’s go ?  Restructure our lives to avail of the good days?   A crazy thought? or go and get a few weeks of guaranteed sunshine and heat somewhere?

Musings on a windy evening,  have a great week       Sabine                  Shop Now


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