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Blackfield Clothing Studio on overdrive

Blackfield Clothing Studio


Blackfield Clothing Studio, busy times,

Running a small business is just crazy at times. We are having one of those mad years. Everything is coming together.

First we had to move shop unexpected. Our new base on Achill is ‘Lakefield Gallery‘ Slievemore Road, Keel.  (you can find directions if you google Blackfield Clothing Studio).Lakefield Gallery

And I always underestimate how much there is involved in a move. It is not just the physical move, no it is also all the changes on social media, tripadvisor and all that. Nowadays there is so much more to running a small business.

It is challenging, who can afford a social media person?

Then of course I had scheduled my major website revamp, due to all the problems we had before christmas 2016.

And these things never run smoothly. Always there are unexpected hiccups.

I am not complaining, business has been good, wholesale and retail, as a result, production has been mental too.

We love it busy, but sometimes I wish not everything would happen at the same time. Isn’t it strange how the universe seems to throw these things at you?  All in one go.

 Irish Fleece Clothing still popular

Irish Fleece Clothing Kids Hoodie HorseI can report with pride that our brand of Irish Fleece Clothing  is by no means dead. On the contrary, fleece is still the cosiest fabric around. And so user friendly, easy to wash, easy to dry and all that. shop now                 Irish Fleece Clothing short cape

All polyester fabrics have an environmental impact, and I have written about that here. But thanks to those smart boys in Berlin, we can do something about it. Check out the blog post.

So yes, it is mad busy, and I often don’t know what to do first, but all will get done. At the moment we sew 24/7, well nearly.

Long fleece CardiganThe new items in the collection are popular, much to my satisfaction. It has been an immensely productive if mad first 6 months of 2017. Website done, Shop moved, New pieces designed, on top of daily stuff….. all good.Ladies Sweater Polo

A bit tired at times, but nothing a few night’s sleep can’t fix. On that note, I hope your year so far has been good, and that you are heading to or coming from a well earned holiday.

All the very best Sabine        Shop Now

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