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Shedding layers of stylish warm clothing?

Winter Achill island


Stylish warm clothing, time for spring?

I am wondering, is it time to shed some layers of my stylish warm clothing and let the sun is?

Here on the island it has been cold the last few weeks. Bitter is probably an appropriate word. The windchill factor really made it feel very unpleasant .   Browse shopShort Bolero Jacket

Now, it has to be said, it looked nice, sun, clouds, and yet another sleet shower. But to go outside it was layers upon layers of clothing. Finished off with a big warm windproof jacket.

My warm coat for women

worked a treat with its double layer of fleece, no wind came through. Yes, the wind here on the island is never too far. It teaches us lessons of humility, levels all high falutin ideas. Living on an island on the west coast of Ireland gives me a very different perspective on life. When the wind howls a good old gale, the priorities in life shift.

Coats and Jackets, warm coats for womenThe very strong and direct nature that surrounds us, makes me feel very small and as important as a grain of sand. I am just part of this cycle of life, much stronger than me. Those who think that they can tame or conquer nature are fools. And I think  all the natural disasters in the last few years have  proven that.

When I hear the wind howl, and watch the mountains of see pass by in front of my house, I know who is in charge.

There is only one thing to do, put on my warm coat for women , and try and keep warm. It is hard task on those days, the wind just gets everywhere. 

It doesn’t frighten me, I know my place and am happy with that. There is always someplace in the world where there are worse conditions, I am not complaining.

It’s a way of life here on the island, we live with the wind and the sea, its moods, its power. 

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Storm fionn



Sale or no Sale is the question

Sale or no Sale

Sale or no Sale is the question

January is coming to an end and so are the Sales. Not that nowadays we don’t have Sales all the time.

Consumerism is rampant, and buying something because it is on sale, not because we need it, is a popular past time.

Shopping is for many a leisure activity.     Check out shop

I am a vendor online, as well as in my shop here on Achill Island, and except for sometimes a small basket in my local shop I don’t do sales.

My overstocks go to the local charity shop.

I worked for a few years in the fashion industry, and the company had some very well known customers. Every autumn they would ask us to make sale lines. Cheaper fabrics, cheaper finish, but the customer would still make the same money.

I am not very fond of these kind of sales tactics. So I decided, I wasn’t gonna participate in that part of the game.

My business is about consistent good quality and value. I believe if your product is good enough it will find its customers.

Well how have you been?     Here on Achill Island, January has been a bit grim. One storm after the next, lots of rain, and then a few glorious days that keep us from going insane.

The first daffodile has raised its head, and there is nothing more joyful to my soul than that wonderful vibrant yellow.

There is, as we say around here, ‘ a stretch in the day’, it doesn’t get dark now until 5.30pm ish.

We all hope for some dry weather and a bit of heat, the land is just saturated, its all muck.

This winter has been and is hard enough, last year we got spoiled by a beautiful dry winter. But that is how it goes, and climate change has made the weather unpredictable anyway.

I wish everybody health happiness and fulfillment in your life Take care 

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                                                                         Kids Elf JacketCoats and Jackets, warm coats for women


baby Blanket

New Baby Presents/personalized


new baby presents/personalized

New Baby Presents/personalized

Looking for new baby presents/personalized maybe ?  You are in the right spot.   check it out

We specialize in unique baby blankets and baby jackets. Our baby blankets can be personalized, or even better be creative and pick your own motifs if you like. 

Custom baby blanket with name

For over 20 years we make baby blankets and baby jackets, and according to our customers, these are the pieces that they hold on to. Those special pieces that you do not want to part with. 

And they stand the test of time, in and out of the wash again and again, unique baby presentslooking great always. 

We are proud of the quality of our product, and love the uniqueness. No motif ever the exact same as the next. Just like there are no two children the same. 

And our jackets and blankets are not only gorgeous, they are also extremely practical and useful. For the child, they are soft and instantly warm, for the parent, easy to wash and fast to dry. In an emergency they are easy to wipe clean. 

So here is happiness for all. The ideal gift, giving long lasting joy. New Baby Presents/personalized

It has been busy, as always around this time of year, last springs fun…….

How has 2018 been for you so far? I hope good. 

On Achill Island, as in the west of Ireland in general it has been windy. We are wearing layers of warm clothing, the hairstyle has gone under the permanent wearing of hats. 

Nature at its best, and strongest. Storm after storm, it can go on one’s nerves, but then comes a nice day and we forget it all. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly a bit of sunshine makes up for wind and rain. 

new baby presents personalizedIt is howling outside as I write this, but the fire and the blanket is warm, so what the heck.

I hope you are well, and wish you joy and happiness, be kind to each other.


P.S. an article that might be of interest fleece clothing and the environment, keeping the planet safe for the future          browse shop


Warm Clothing for Winter

warm clothing for winter

Warm Clothing for winter,

I am sitting here in front of my fire, and am glad I have plenty of warm clothing for winter.

It is cold out there, the wind is howling and the hail is drumming against my window.

Winter on Achill Island,   and plenty of warm clothing is needed. It’s not so much frost that we get, the gulf stream passing by prevents that, but it is the biting wind and damp cold.warm jacket

So for me wrapping up is the order of the day, and plenty of fuel on the fire, tea of course not to be forgotten.  Browse Shop

I love listening to the radio, while I work or really anytime. This week it has been more than annoying with all the black friday ads and the christmas commerce on overdrive. So annoying…..

It lead me to listen to internet radio, at the moment I am listening to Smoothe Jazz from London

Most enjoyable and ad free, love it.

I am in business and want to sell my clothing, but I wouldn’t push my products down people’s throats. My customers have some sense, they buy a great quality, original product, pass it on when they get tired of it and then purchase something new. 

Let me tell you this story. Not so long ago I spoke to a customer of mine and she showed me some photos of her now grown daughter at a festival during the autumn. Guess what the daughter was wearing? A jacket I made about 15 years ago.  The lady told me, she had worn it got tired of it, then her sister wore it for a while, and one of her other daughters had it then. In between she would wear it and now her youngest daughter had discovered it and was wearing it non stop. 

warm cape sweaterWashed many a times, quality clothing in classic styling won’t wear out and will always appeal to somebody.  In my eyes that is responsible shopping, protecting the environment and the future.

Yes, we do get tired of our wardrobe and fancy something new, but then just pass it on, quality is alway appreciated.

Not this senseless buying of products that we don’t need and often the quality is questionable.

Creating waste mountains that the world can do without.   More on the subject you can find here

      Have a great weekend,     All the very best Sabine   Browse Shop                                              Best Baby Gift               fleece accessories

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Winter clothes for kids, the time is coming

winter clothes for kids

Winter clothes for kids needed,

Brrrrr it is getting cold out there. This time last week, I saw some kids going for a dip in the sea. But today was the first real wintery day, and it is definitely  time for winter clothes for kids.

                                        See moreHooded Childrens Jacket

Of course I am freezing too, and voila my big fleecy jumper came out. The fire got an extra log and it is nice and cozy in the house now.

Time we got some serious hygge going. Are you wondering what I am talking about? It’s the Danish word for cozying up for the winter, or better cozying up full stop.

unique custom fleece blanketThe Danes have made it into an art form and it involves;  cosy blankets, nice food, candles, hot drinks, time spent with the ones you love and feel relaxed with.

It’s about simplicity, friendship, simple fun.

And the Danes are, according to statistics, some of  the happiest people in the world.Womens Fleece Sweater

Of course you can create hygge for yourself at home, a nice fire, a soft blanket, a cosy jumper, a lovely cuppa, a good book, nice music and the world is pretty ok, don’t you think?

Create a nest for yourself, on your own or with the ones you love, and just relax. Your favourite food, your favourite socks, your favourite scent, take out some board games, turn off the telly, switch off the phone.

Isn’t that what winter is about?  A time to slow down a bit, sleep a little more or maybe sleep better.

Ladies fleece jacket'Bolero'If you want to know more about hygge here is a link to an Irish Times review of ‘The little book of Hygge’ 

I was given it last winter, and have just rediscovered it. A cosy attitude to winter, let the fires blaze and the kettle always be hot.

Take care       Sabine             check out our shop

Housewarming gift, Fleece blanket

Warm,cosy clothing, any clothing our values

warm,cosy clothing

Warm,cosy clothing, any clothing, what are our values today?

During the week I ran a facebook ads campaign and that was a very interesting exercise. It was nice to see the interest in my warm,cosy clothing, I was quite chuffed actually.

                                       Go to shop

But one point came up that made me think, and inspired this blog post.Cape Sweater

The point of price, there was one comment that my clothing was expensive.

The question is how do we value clothing? What is the ‘right’ value for clothing? Is there a right value for clothing?

In my niche, fleece clothing, there are a lot of cheap fleeces around. Those are the ‘classic’ design, Zip, pockets, that sort of thing. The fabric often isn’t of the best quality, and they are sewn in cheap labour economies, with often dubious working conditions. There may be toxic dyes and other chemicals in the fabrics, there may not, but there are no controls.

This scenario applies to all cheap clothing, not just fleeces. The big ‘value’ chains are just interested in price. The consumer has little expectations buying from the ‘value’ stores, you know it was cheap. It may not wash well, and will be thrown out in a few weeks or months.

In these days of enormous waste and pollution , can we really afford this attitude anymore?

What are we leaving our children? A mountain of rubbish?

Boys Dungaree and Jacket setI think we need to examine this question again and again, in every aspect of our life.

As for buying clothing, were the old ways of buying quality clothing that lasts not better?

Wear it for a while, put it away for a while, rediscover it. Or gift it to somebody that loves it.

What are you paying for in more expensive clothing?

I can only speak for myself and some businesses I know. First of all a better quality fabric, ethically produced and toxin free, in my case sewn in Ireland, for a decent wage.Unique Baby Gift

A lot of other conscientious companies are now producing in Europe, since there is very little Irish Clothing Industry.

What you get? You get a garment that will give you joy for a long time and wash well time after time. Clothing that won’t fall apart after a few months and will last.

You won’t have contributed to the waste mountain, because the garment you bought will go on and on.

Anything wrong with that?????

Think about it, every little change helps.   All the best Sabine

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Here is another article on the subject





Cosy fleece sweater for the autumn

Cosy fleece Sweater

Cosy fleece sweater needed

I hear the wind howl, and my cosy fleece sweater keeps me nice and warm. Autumn has come, but this year I don’t like the change of season.       Shop Now

Ladies Sweater PoloWe really had no summer here on Achill Island, it just rained a lot and there was no heat to speak of. The land is so wet, it can’t take anymore water. We didn’t have much growth this summer, my summer flowers are only having a nice showing now.

Is this the result of climate change, and the way future summers will be? Will it always be so cold? The statistics say,  that the temperatures are rising, but this summer there were only very few days that I was comfortable without my cosy fleece  sweater. 

It seems here along the Wild Atlantic Way, I will be in my Fleeces all year round. A quality fleece jacket always a good investment.Womens Fleece Hoodie

Since the scientists and thinkers have as of yet not come up with a definite pattern, we will just have to wait and see what the future brings.

I live here on Achill Island for 30 years now  and I can say the weather has changed. There has always been rain and bad weather, a bad year here and there, but when was the last good summer?

We had a beautiful winter last year, to make up for the  no show summer.  I can’t remember a nice spring and more than a couple of weeks of summer weather in a while.Big Sweater

Yes, there are definitely changes afoot. I suppose we just have to let go of the idea of seasons, like they used to be, and avail of the sun when it is out. Take a break at the drop of a hat? Weather nice next week, let’s go ?  Restructure our lives to avail of the good days?   A crazy thought? or go and get a few weeks of guaranteed sunshine and heat somewhere?

Musings on a windy evening,  have a great week       Sabine                  Shop Now


Fleece Blanket, Cosy Blankets Night


A night for a Fleece Blanket

Wrapped up in my Fleece Blanket, I am sitting here writing this Blog Post. It is a howler of a night.  We have had gale force winds all day and all evening, with very heavy rain.  Fleece Blankets

The first gale in a while, just to remind us who is boss.    No, this is nothing like the Hurricane Irma.   My sympathy is with the people living in its path.  But it is a reminder non the less to us how strong nature is. Housewarming gift, Fleece blanket

Living here on Achill Island, living with the power of the sea and wind, it always amazes me how anybody can doubt the power of nature.

I feel no bigger than a grain of sand on the beach, a tiny spec, of no importance.

Cosy Blankets

Cosy blankets and tea are the order of the night, comfort and warmth. It is hard to keep the heat in when the wind howls. There is something nice about wrapping yourself into a blanket after the summer. It is definitely autumn, don’t want to call it winter.

It’s not been much of a summer, too much rain, the ground is sodden. I certainly wore my fleeces a lot, not many days for summer dresses. Living in Ireland, what a good investment a quality fleece is, you use it all year round.  

Big Sweater                    Fleece Shop

It has been a busy summer, and where as many of you are nicely refreshed after your holidays, the tiredness is hitting me.  A few quieter weeks will be much appreciated before the next rush. 

Will we have a nice winter, like we had last year?  That is the million dollar question. I hope for a bit more sunshine, it brightens up the mood. We will see, every day another adventure. 

In my house, a bad day means candles, the stove lit, nice food, tea, blankets, something to warm the soul. A good day means get outside as much as possible, catch some rays.      

Fleece Patchwork Blanket

On that note I say good night, I wish you lots of sunshine, and if not some warm blankets and tea.

                        all the very best    have a good week Sabine       Baby Blankets


    Fleece Baby BlanketHandmade Fleece Blanket

Blackfield Clothing Studio on overdrive

Blackfield Clothing Studio


Blackfield Clothing Studio, busy times,

Running a small business is just crazy at times. We are having one of those mad years. Everything is coming together.

First we had to move shop unexpected. Our new base on Achill is ‘Lakefield Gallery‘ Slievemore Road, Keel.  (you can find directions if you google Blackfield Clothing Studio).Lakefield Gallery

And I always underestimate how much there is involved in a move. It is not just the physical move, no it is also all the changes on social media, tripadvisor and all that. Nowadays there is so much more to running a small business.

It is challenging, who can afford a social media person?

Then of course I had scheduled my major website revamp, due to all the problems we had before christmas 2016.

And these things never run smoothly. Always there are unexpected hiccups.

I am not complaining, business has been good, wholesale and retail, as a result, production has been mental too.

We love it busy, but sometimes I wish not everything would happen at the same time. Isn’t it strange how the universe seems to throw these things at you?  All in one go.

 Irish Fleece Clothing still popular

Irish Fleece Clothing Kids Hoodie HorseI can report with pride that our brand of Irish Fleece Clothing  is by no means dead. On the contrary, fleece is still the cosiest fabric around. And so user friendly, easy to wash, easy to dry and all that. shop now                 Irish Fleece Clothing short cape

All polyester fabrics have an environmental impact, and I have written about that here. But thanks to those smart boys in Berlin, we can do something about it. Check out the blog post.

So yes, it is mad busy, and I often don’t know what to do first, but all will get done. At the moment we sew 24/7, well nearly.

Long fleece CardiganThe new items in the collection are popular, much to my satisfaction. It has been an immensely productive if mad first 6 months of 2017. Website done, Shop moved, New pieces designed, on top of daily stuff….. all good.Ladies Sweater Polo

A bit tired at times, but nothing a few night’s sleep can’t fix. On that note, I hope your year so far has been good, and that you are heading to or coming from a well earned holiday.

All the very best Sabine        Shop Now

Custom baby blanket with name

Special baby presents

blackfield clothing studio

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Holiday time for you?

Holiday Time

Holiday Time – Busy Time

The months of July and August are holiday time for a lot of people. Shop Now

On Achill Island, being a tourist resort, holiday time is a crazy busy time for a lot of us. We have very much 2 different lives in the year.

There is the calm of winter, where we focus on our local community, and then there is summertime, with lots of new people to meet.

We often say to each other,’See you in September’, everybody knows there is no space, no time.

Our children come home, but we don’t see much of them, because they are out at work.

Often visitors forget we are not on holidays, we have schedules, trying to keep everybody happy.

And yes,  we would love to chat and enjoy the view with our guests, it often is just not possible. Too many things to do, too many places to be.

We cross paths with many an interesting person, but mostly we don’t even get to really meet them.

Peak Season                

Where ever you are travelling to this summer, keep in mind that whoever is serving you and making your holiday special, has a very different life.  Think of your busiest time of the year, and yes that is us in peak season.

I often feel that this point gets forgotten. Spare a thought for those that are looking after you and are doing their best. They could be tired, full to capacity with so many different vibes coming towards them.

Everybody tries their best, but the people looking after you are just that, people. Good days, bad days, children crying, no sleep, long shift, row with the boyfriend/girlfriend  and all that,    life.

Wherever you go in the world in peak season, it will be the same.

So please spare a thought for those that are trying to make your holiday special.

See you on Achill Island    Sabine

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