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Irish Kids Fleece Clothing

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Irish Kids Fleece Clothing

3-DSCN8077I just saw a Facebook Post from a friend of mine in New Zealand and their summer is on the way.

Here it is definitely winter now, time to stock up on Kids Fleece Clothing. Keeping warm is our mission for the next few months, getting the washing dry, keeping the house warm, winter time is a full time job.[maxbutton id=”3″]Kids Fleece

I am busy making Kids Fleece Clothing for the Marley Craft Fair at the weekend. So if you are in the Dublin Area, why don’t you stop buy and say Hallo.  It looks like a lovely show.

Of course I will not only have Kids Fleece Clothing with me, no Ladies, I am bringing my Ladies Range for you to see and try, and order if you like.

This way, I can bring most of the range, and every piece will be especially made for you. You will be able to choose your own colours, length, and any other adjustments you would like.

Ladies Fleece PulloverThe perfect Fleece for you!

I will bring a good bit of Kids Fleece Clothing, but as always in these shows, there is limited space, and that makes it difficult to bring loads.

But there is loads of time before Christmas yet, and we are set up to respond quickly, so if I don’t have it on the day, we make it and post, Free Postage worldwide.

Thinking about it, I actually quiet like winter, the cosiness, the short days, the big seas.

Yes, if I look at the pictures from New Zealand, I think nice, but I wonder if I could live without winter. I think it just wouldn’t feel right.

I believe the body and soul need a bit of ‘hibernation’, Quiet time of the year, long nights to rest, days to not do too much, as certainly always happens around here when the days are long. When the days are long, we just never seem to stop, always another job, ‘I can do that, it is still bright’.

I do enjoy winter, and I try to rest and listen to the wind, with a big fire roaring.

Hopefully, you will have a few of these moments in your winter, they are special.[maxbutton id=”4″]    Kids Fleece Clothing

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