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Irish Clothing for Kids

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Irish Clothing for Kids

Irish Clothing For KidsIt is a miserable day here today, I call them Tea and Scone days, a day to crop some photographs that I took during the week of new pieces for my range of Irish Clothing for Kids. The Mist is down, not very enticing to be outside. I have had a good week, January has been a good month in my Internet Shop, people are happy to buy Irish Clothing for Kids, sometimes as a Handmade Irish HandmadeKidsFleeceJacketsBaby Gift, or a Gift for a Birthday etc.Hot-TotzChildrensFleeceJackets

Hot-Totz Irish Clothing for Kids

Yes and even though this is ‘lean’month in the year, after Christmas and all that, there have been a few orders for Ladies Fleece Jackets and Jumpers.

This is the month for ‘Spring Cleaning’ the body and getting fit, it is everywhere, the Radio, Tv etc. I am a great fan of juicing myself , have been doing it for many years. It makes me feel good sending my kids to school with a good glass of fresh juice, raw, unspoilt nutrition. On a recent visit to Dublin, I came across the ‘Happy Pear’ Book, those 2 guys, and many others are right, we need to go back to a lot more Veg and Raw Food, full of nutrition, rather that processed food cooked to death.

The progess we hail, buying ready meals, convenience foods, peeled and chopped foods, may not be progress at all. Lives have changed so much, we spend so much time inside, not getting enough oxygen, sunlight or excercise. Our food travels a lot of the time long distances, is picked green and artificially ripened etc, the amount of additives for shelve life, it makes me think and wonder.

It is a sad state of affairs really, when basic foods like flour, unless you buy organic, are full of shelve life preservatives. And lets not talk about milk and meat.

Yes,  what is progress really???????????????  Women and Men, providers for their families need to think and reexamine where the future lies, and what we can do for our and our children’s health. It may be time to take our health into our own hands and  not leave some Food Company decide what is good for us.

In the end we have the power as consumers, we just need to exercise it.HandmadeBabyPresentsIreland


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