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‘Ireland Fleece’

‘Ireland Fleece’

Blackfield Clothing studioFebruary in June???? The swallows are confused, no more than ourselves. Instead of Tee-shirts you need to Google ‘Ireland Fleece’.

Yes, this is normally the quiet time of the year, but with this wintery weather, ‘Ireland Fleece’ is still in demand.

Irish Baby Blankets

Hot-Totz Sunflower Baby Blanket

Here at Blackfield Clothing Studio, we are making coats, Fleece Dresses and of course Baby Blankets at the moment. Keeping the nation warm.

Like everybody I am longing for some heat, Tee Shirts, Dresses…….Achill Island Ireland

But what can we do. At least if you find Blackfield Clothing Studio through ‘Ireland Fleece’, there are some bright colours and funky styles ┬áto please the eye and lift the spirit.

I am always amazed how my mood lifts with the right colour for the day, the right perfume, yes it is these little things that give us/me joy, I am sure I am no exception.

Even my Teenage son remarked the other day ( after having finally gone shopping for some new clothes) how nice it was to make a bit of an effort and get out of those tracksuit bottoms.

He came down smelling nice too, his sister and I had bought him a nice aftershave.

It is great when the kids discover how the little things in life can make your day a whole lot better.

And after a long day, being presentable, it is so nice to go back to slouching before bed.

I like making clothing that can have the smart as well as the slouch effect, but always makes you feel warm and cosy.Ladies Fleece Jumper

In my house it is Leaving Cert time, and watching the stress on the kids makes me very disenchanted with the whole education system.

There has to be a better way, a happier way to learn, a kinder education system.

I have found primary education fine, my kids were happy, but secondary and college education is just not right.

So many kids crumbling under the stress, how can that make for happy, responsible, kind adults?

There has to be a better way, rather than putting numbers through to secure funding etc.

As for the swallows, they don’t know whether to come or go, It is supposed to be summer!

I saw them trying to nest the other day, not happy on Achill Island.

As always we will keep on keeping on, HOPING for some heat.[maxbutton id=”3″]Achill Island







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