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Children’s Clothing Ireland

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Children’s Clothing Ireland

Childrens Clothing Ireland

September Childrens Clothing Month

September again, the traditional time of the year, were most families in Ireland focus on Children’s Clothing.

Of course School Uniforms are high on the agenda, but also the kids tend to grow a lot during the summer, and all of a sudden everything is too small.

What are the priorities for Children’s Clothing in Ireland? For me it always was warmth, comfort and, yes I am a bit lazy, easy care.   Go To Shop

When my daughter was born, I used to initially buy cheap Children’s Clothing for her, but soon discovered,  that was false economy. They looked great initially, but I hadn’t factored in, first time Mother, how often her clothes needed to be washed.Girls Jumper

So I soon discovered that the cheaper brands, are often in reality more expensive, they just don’t last through all the washing.

That was a big lesson I learned, and one I remember vividly, buying a lovely little Jumper, and after 5 washes it looked awful.

This lesson formed the base of Blackfield Clothing and it has served me well for the last 20 years. Yes, I do buy good Quality Fleece, Thread, Buttons, Labels for all our Clothing,

Hot-Totz Children’s Clothing as well as Blackfield Women’s Fleeces.

We work hard to sew a Quality product, and I hear it everyday, it last and lasts.  Work to be proud of.Childrens Fleece Hoodie

After my initial lesson, I looked for some more expensive brands, bought in their Sales, and bought bigger, turned up hems, rolled up sleeves.  I reckon it worked out cheaper in the long run, The clothes washed well, and some of the clothes looked as new wash after wash. When I passed them on after 9-12 months when they finally got too small, people were asking me had the kids worn them.

There is a lot of talk about sustainability, and it has to start at home. Use, Re use, Pass on .childrens clothing

I have been told that some of my Fleeces have been worn by up to 10 kids. During the summer I came across a Hot-Totz Fleece Jacket at least 6 year old. It still looked great, now on a younger sibling. Its base colour was Cream, and I asked the parents had it been worn a lot , they assured me, ‘All the time’ (family of 5 Children) and had been out to cousins. That’s how clothing should be, in my opinion. Looking good for years, easy washing, good for climbing trees, or going to town.

What’s your criteria for your Children’s Clothing ????       Go To Shop

Womens Fleece Poncho

A Blackfield Clothing Women’s Fleece Poncho after 20 years of wearing.

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