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Aran Fleees, Ireland 2014

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Aran Fleees, Ireland 2014

Aran Fleeces 'Sweater' Aran Fleeces I hear You Say????

In this years Collection I have returned to  my love of Aran and good Celtic Art in another, different version. My ‘A Touch of  Aran’ range takes a look at Aran in a contemporary context. I have taken single  elements of  Aran Patterns and have applied them to handmade Fleece Jackets and Jumpers in contrast colours. Now we have an Aran Fleeces, featuring Aran Elements  in all their beauty and simplicity. I love wool,  don’t get me wrong, but a lot of people can’t wear it, and even though it has become in the last 10 years a lot easier to wash, it is still not as easy as fleece, that you don’t have to worry about just throw in the washing machine.

Aran on Fleece

Irish Culture, Celtic Knotwork, Aran  Patterns and their application in our times have been an inspiration for me for a  long time. I love a nice Aran Jacket.

In the very beginning 19 years ago, I used  Celtic Braids to decorate my  Fleece Clothing. Jeff  from helped design  some of them. An amazing Artist. My second excursion was an Aran Fleece Fabric. I just love the tradition, simplicity and beauty of Aran, and I feel it has a place in every era.

So have a look  and enjoy my different, 2014, version celebrating a very old theme.

Hot-Totz Childrens Aran Fleeces ' Jacket'

It is Scoil Acla  week on Achill Island. Scoil Acla is the longest running summer    school in Ireland. A week Irish Music and Culture, classes to    learn new, and improve existing skills. A week of Musicians, Teachers from all  over Ireland getting together to celebrate Irish Heritage. Not only Music, there is  Irish Dance, Creative Writing,  Art, a week of celebrating Tradition and new  developments of Irish Culture, Ireland 2014.

Ladies Aran Fleeces 'Jacket '                 [maxbutton id=”2″]

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