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Fleece Clothing and the Environment

Fleece Clothing and the Environment

Fleece Clothing and the Environment

I have become acutely aware of the damage that washing Fleece Clothing and all synthetic clothing does to the environment about 8 month ago.

Since then I have been watching developments worldwide, and I am delighted to have found an answer.

All synthetic clothing, Fleece Clothing included, shed microfibres in the wash. These microfibres are not, or only over a long period of time, biodegradable.

They are absorbed by fish and plants, and this way make their way into our food chain. It is a very alarming state of affairs that needs to be addressed now.

This is a problem that is happening now, and we can do something about it.Mens Fleeces

The solution

Two guys, in Berlin Germany, saw the problem, and felt the urgency to act for a healthier environment.

Alexander Nolte and Oliver Spies researched and brainstormed the situation and came up with the idea of the ‘Guppy Friend’.

A bag that you put your washing into, before you put it into the washing machine. This bag will filter out the micro fibres.

After the wash you pick the fibres out of the bag and dispose of them in a responsible manner. Check with your local recycling policies.

The development of the bag was partly crowdfunded and partly funded by Patagonia.  The whole project is Non Profit, it is for the well being of the planet. You can now order the Guppy Friend here, to do your bit to protect the sea from polyester micro fibres.

Fleece clothing, a responsible approach Shop now

Warm Beret Hat and wristwarmersWhen I read about the negative effect of fleece clothing on the environment, I felt devastated.

A lot of my fleeces are used by children and babies, and as a mother, the thought of damaging their present and future environment was not a pleasant one.

But it is not just for them, it is for all of us. These micro fibres are now getting  into our food chain. Neither Washing machine manufactures nor sewerage plant designers seem to have come up with a proper filtration method.

My waste water goes, via a sewerage treatment plant at the end of the village, into the sea. As far as I am aware, microfibres are not caught in the filters.

All this is relatively new, and I know it takes time to develop new filtration systems. I hope that all responsible washing machine companies will take these findings into consideration in their development programs.

In addition, I hope that sewerage plants will update their filtration.

A healthy Environment is up to us

It is up to us, that enjoy the comfort and convenience of  fleece clothing, to take care of the side effects. Therefore the ‘Guppy Friend’ is the immediate solution.

Due to overwhelming demand of the initial production run, the distribution is not great as of yet. I have been in touch with the guys, and they will let me know when we can buy ‘Guppy Friends’ online. A link to purchase is there but not working yet.   Please remember this is a not for profit project, it is a big project, it will take a little time.

In the meantime please wash your synthetic clothing, fleeces included, in a 30 degree wash, some machines call it eco wash. I recommend that on my wash care labels.

An extensive research program earlier this year by Patagonia has shown that the lower temperature wash causes less shedding. Modern washing powders are designed to work well in low temperature washes.

Our Planet        

It is our planet, and therefore we have to take care of it in our daily lives.  We can not trust the governments and the big corporations, their goal unfortunately a lot of the time is money or power at all costs.

Most of them don’t care, it baffles me since their lives and children are just as affected by environmental destruction as ours.

Or maybe they think they will clear off to Mars or something to create another mess? I really don’t get the thinking.

Maybe it is the same thinking irresponsible farmers had/have, they inject the animals for sale with all sorts of stuff, and keep the animals for their own consumption apart?

It’s hard to do on our ever shrinking the planet isn’t it?

Our choices

We will have to continue/start from the bottom up, maybe we can teach them. We can change a lot  by the choices we make as consumers. What brands we buy, whether we buy quality that lasts and won’t land on landfill, or the opposite. Whether we recycle or not, demand less packaging or not etc, etc.

If you think about it, if we don’t buy low quality foods, clothes etc, they won’t make them, since there is no demand, they make no money.  Very simple.

Our health and wellbeing is symbiotic with the health and well being of the planet.

Our health and happiness as well as that of future generation depends our choices.

A very empowering thought don’t you think?    We can make a difference!


On that note I will sign off for today, I will keep you updated on all matters ‘Guppy Friend’.

Chose wisely for your health and happiness, have a nice summer holiday  Shop now

All the very best       Sabine

Fleece Clothing and the environment











The new Fleece Shop is open!

Fleece Shop,Ladies Fleeces Blackfield Clothing studio

News, good news, my new Fleece Shop is done,

It has been a crazy and very challenging 10 days, but finally the new Fleece Shop is up and running.[maxbutton id=”3″ ]

I am no techie, and there have been moments in the last 10 days that I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew.

But finally the revamp is done. I certainly had great brain exercise.

Here on Achill Island it is cold, that East, North Easterly wind bites. As the old folks say ‘Wind from the East is bad for man and beast’.  Not really time for Spring clean, that’s my excuse.

Since I am a small business without a big budget, I had to do the work myself.

My kids are complaining about nothing but webtalk coming out of my mouth and being preoccupied. What the heck, it had to be done.

The great thing about doing a website yourself is that you can change it whenever  you like, and have control over the look of it.

I hope you like what you see, and don’t be shy to let me know if you think I should change things.      All criticism will be taken into consideration.

Over time I will add bits and pieces, but I hope that the main aim has been achieved: No more website crashes, and a pleasant shopping experience for all.

Island News

Otherwise here on the island we are all a bit depressed, in front of my house the search for rescue 116 is going on.

It has the whole island on a downer. What a tragedy. And the weather did what it always seems to do when a tragedy happens, it closes in.

But like always, there will be sunshine after rain.

I hope you are all well, and wish you a great week. Delighted to be going back to my sewing machine.

All the best Sabine        [maxbutton id=”3″ ]

Designer Childrens Clothing

Designer Childrens Clothing Achill Island Wild Atlantic Way

Designer Childrens Clothing – without the price tag

Welcome to Blackfield Clothing Studio!

We make Designer Childrens Clothing from high quality mainly polyester Fleece fabrics. For me Designer Childrens Clothing has to be wearable, washable, and affordable.     [maxbutton id=”2″]

We are not a big brand, no fancy advertising, no fancy name, no big price tag.Aran fleece Multi Jacket

From us you buy individual pieces, each motif is that little bit different, hand cut , handmade.

Small runs

Childrens Fleece HoodieBlackfield Clothing Studio is a Cottage industry.We are 2 women working away, filling your orders, listening to your ideas and combining them with our own. We don’t have a massive production, from us you buy special clothing, made with care and affection.

Achill Island / Wild Atlantic Way

Like everything in life, we are influenced by our  surroundings, the beauty and ruggedness of Achill Island on the Wild Atlantic Way.  The forever changing weather, the big, beautiful skies, the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

It is the weather that inspired originally my Fleece Clothing. A good quality Polyester Fleece will wash and wash, looking great after every use/ abuse. The most important bit being, it never absorbs more than 10% of its own weight in water, which means it dries very quickly. Ideal for us rural dwellers, dealing with a lot of rain coming straight from the Ocean. Drying Clothes can be a challenge here on Achill Island on the Wild Atlantic Way.Girls Fleece Hat

And of course, we like being warm. It is lovely to get the warmth from Fleece without the heaviness of other clothing.


I have never believed in making Designer Clothing that can only be worn by the well off. Our Clothing is not cheap, but everybody can afford it. Sometimes it may take a few weeks of saving, but what I the harm in that. Isn’t it even nicer when the package comes and you try it on??? Nothing wrong with delayed gratification, I certainly enjoy it.

On that note, have a nice week, and enjoy the treats when they come.       [maxbutton id=”2″]

All the best Sabine      hot-Totz Childrens fleeces

Children’s Clothing Ireland

Childrens Clothing Ireland

September Childrens Clothing Month

September again, the traditional time of the year, were most families in Ireland focus on Children’s Clothing.

Of course School Uniforms are high on the agenda, but also the kids tend to grow a lot during the summer, and all of a sudden everything is too small.

What are the priorities for Children’s Clothing in Ireland? For me it always was warmth, comfort and, yes I am a bit lazy, easy care.   Go To Shop

When my daughter was born, I used to initially buy cheap Children’s Clothing for her, but soon discovered,  that was false economy. They looked great initially, but I hadn’t factored in, first time Mother, how often her clothes needed to be washed.Girls Jumper

So I soon discovered that the cheaper brands, are often in reality more expensive, they just don’t last through all the washing.

That was a big lesson I learned, and one I remember vividly, buying a lovely little Jumper, and after 5 washes it looked awful.

This lesson formed the base of Blackfield Clothing and it has served me well for the last 20 years. Yes, I do buy good Quality Fleece, Thread, Buttons, Labels for all our Clothing,

Hot-Totz Children’s Clothing as well as Blackfield Women’s Fleeces.

We work hard to sew a Quality product, and I hear it everyday, it last and lasts.  Work to be proud of.Childrens Fleece Hoodie

After my initial lesson, I looked for some more expensive brands, bought in their Sales, and bought bigger, turned up hems, rolled up sleeves.  I reckon it worked out cheaper in the long run, The clothes washed well, and some of the clothes looked as new wash after wash. When I passed them on after 9-12 months when they finally got too small, people were asking me had the kids worn them.

There is a lot of talk about sustainability, and it has to start at home. Use, Re use, Pass on .childrens clothing

I have been told that some of my Fleeces have been worn by up to 10 kids. During the summer I came across a Hot-Totz Fleece Jacket at least 6 year old. It still looked great, now on a younger sibling. Its base colour was Cream, and I asked the parents had it been worn a lot , they assured me, ‘All the time’ (family of 5 Children) and had been out to cousins. That’s how clothing should be, in my opinion. Looking good for years, easy washing, good for climbing trees, or going to town.

What’s your criteria for your Children’s Clothing ????       Go To Shop

Womens Fleece Poncho

A Blackfield Clothing Women’s Fleece Poncho after 20 years of wearing.