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Warm,cosy clothing, any clothing our values

warm,cosy clothing

Warm,cosy clothing, any clothing, what are our values today?

During the week I ran a facebook ads campaign and that was a very interesting exercise. It was nice to see the interest in my warm,cosy clothing, I was quite chuffed actually.

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But one point came up that made me think, and inspired this blog post.Cape Sweater

The point of price, there was one comment that my clothing was expensive.

The question is how do we value clothing? What is the ‘right’ value for clothing? Is there a right value for clothing?

In my niche, fleece clothing, there are a lot of cheap fleeces around. Those are the ‘classic’ design, Zip, pockets, that sort of thing. The fabric often isn’t of the best quality, and they are sewn in cheap labour economies, with often dubious working conditions. There may be toxic dyes and other chemicals in the fabrics, there may not, but there are no controls.

This scenario applies to all cheap clothing, not just fleeces. The big ‘value’ chains are just interested in price. The consumer has little expectations buying from the ‘value’ stores, you know it was cheap. It may not wash well, and will be thrown out in a few weeks or months.

In these days of enormous waste and pollution , can we really afford this attitude anymore?

What are we leaving our children? A mountain of rubbish?

Boys Dungaree and Jacket setI think we need to examine this question again and again, in every aspect of our life.

As for buying clothing, were the old ways of buying quality clothing that lasts not better?

Wear it for a while, put it away for a while, rediscover it. Or gift it to somebody that loves it.

What are you paying for in more expensive clothing?

I can only speak for myself and some businesses I know. First of all a better quality fabric, ethically produced and toxin free, in my case sewn in Ireland, for a decent wage.Unique Baby Gift

A lot of other conscientious companies are now producing in Europe, since there is very little Irish Clothing Industry.

What you get? You get a garment that will give you joy for a long time and wash well time after time. Clothing that won’t fall apart after a few months and will last.

You won’t have contributed to the waste mountain, because the garment you bought will go on and on.

Anything wrong with that?????

Think about it, every little change helps.   All the best Sabine

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Here is another article on the subject





Fleece Clothing and the Environment

Fleece Clothing and the Environment

Fleece Clothing and the Environment

I have become acutely aware of the damage that washing Fleece Clothing and all synthetic clothing does to the environment about 8 month ago.

Since then I have been watching developments worldwide, and I am delighted to have found an answer.

All synthetic clothing, Fleece Clothing included, shed microfibres in the wash. These microfibres are not, or only over a long period of time, biodegradable.

They are absorbed by fish and plants, and this way make their way into our food chain. It is a very alarming state of affairs that needs to be addressed now.

This is a problem that is happening now, and we can do something about it.Mens Fleeces

The solution

Two guys, in Berlin Germany, saw the problem, and felt the urgency to act for a healthier environment.

Alexander Nolte and Oliver Spies researched and brainstormed the situation and came up with the idea of the ‘Guppy Friend’.

A bag that you put your washing into, before you put it into the washing machine. This bag will filter out the micro fibres.

After the wash you pick the fibres out of the bag and dispose of them in a responsible manner. Check with your local recycling policies.

The development of the bag was partly crowdfunded and partly funded by Patagonia.  The whole project is Non Profit, it is for the well being of the planet. You can now order the Guppy Friend here, to do your bit to protect the sea from polyester micro fibres.

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Warm Beret Hat and wristwarmersWhen I read about the negative effect of fleece clothing on the environment, I felt devastated.

A lot of my fleeces are used by children and babies, and as a mother, the thought of damaging their present and future environment was not a pleasant one.

But it is not just for them, it is for all of us. These micro fibres are now getting  into our food chain. Neither Washing machine manufactures nor sewerage plant designers seem to have come up with a proper filtration method.

My waste water goes, via a sewerage treatment plant at the end of the village, into the sea. As far as I am aware, microfibres are not caught in the filters.

All this is relatively new, and I know it takes time to develop new filtration systems. I hope that all responsible washing machine companies will take these findings into consideration in their development programs.

In addition, I hope that sewerage plants will update their filtration.

A healthy Environment is up to us

It is up to us, that enjoy the comfort and convenience of  fleece clothing, to take care of the side effects. Therefore the ‘Guppy Friend’ is the immediate solution.

Due to overwhelming demand of the initial production run, the distribution is not great as of yet. I have been in touch with the guys, and they will let me know when we can buy ‘Guppy Friends’ online. A link to purchase is there but not working yet.   Please remember this is a not for profit project, it is a big project, it will take a little time.

In the meantime please wash your synthetic clothing, fleeces included, in a 30 degree wash, some machines call it eco wash. I recommend that on my wash care labels.

An extensive research program earlier this year by Patagonia has shown that the lower temperature wash causes less shedding. Modern washing powders are designed to work well in low temperature washes.

Our Planet        

It is our planet, and therefore we have to take care of it in our daily lives.  We can not trust the governments and the big corporations, their goal unfortunately a lot of the time is money or power at all costs.

Most of them don’t care, it baffles me since their lives and children are just as affected by environmental destruction as ours.

Or maybe they think they will clear off to Mars or something to create another mess? I really don’t get the thinking.

Maybe it is the same thinking irresponsible farmers had/have, they inject the animals for sale with all sorts of stuff, and keep the animals for their own consumption apart?

It’s hard to do on our ever shrinking the planet isn’t it?

Our choices

We will have to continue/start from the bottom up, maybe we can teach them. We can change a lot  by the choices we make as consumers. What brands we buy, whether we buy quality that lasts and won’t land on landfill, or the opposite. Whether we recycle or not, demand less packaging or not etc, etc.

If you think about it, if we don’t buy low quality foods, clothes etc, they won’t make them, since there is no demand, they make no money.  Very simple.

Our health and wellbeing is symbiotic with the health and well being of the planet.

Our health and happiness as well as that of future generation depends our choices.

A very empowering thought don’t you think?    We can make a difference!


On that note I will sign off for today, I will keep you updated on all matters ‘Guppy Friend’.

Chose wisely for your health and happiness, have a nice summer holiday  Shop now

All the very best       Sabine

Fleece Clothing and the environment