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older Girls Fleece jacket
older Girls Fleece Jacket
Older Girls Hooded Fleece

Pre Teen Fleece Jackets

 39.50 46.00

This is a range for the older Boys and Girls, ages 5-12 yrs, more grown up, less babyish. Still the same Quality and Style.



Pre Teen Fleece Jackets, Age 5-12

I decided to make a range of Pre Teen Fleece Jackets. My criteria for the older Boys-Girls fleece Jackets was to make them a bit less ornate, a bit more grown up.

They all have a pocket, and are smart and practical, without being babyish. In our shop,here on Achill Island, the issue of an older Boys-Girls fleece Jacket has come up again and again. Once the kids are going to school, they want to be so grown up, and anything ‘babyish’ is out.

I hope your ‘big’ kids will enjoy wearing our new Jackets. May I remind you here, our sizing is generous so please check our measuring chart. It has been difficult to find sizing that works for today’s children. I have gone through this with my own children.

The colours of the motifs can vary, I am happy to send you a photo of your jacket before it leaves the workshop. Just send me a message with your order.

Made from 100% recycled Polyester, Machine Washable at 30 degrees celsius. Line Dry or cool tumble dry
To protect the environment, Please use a Guppy friend washbag for all your synthetics. Available from Patagonia in the US, or Guppyfriend.com in Europe, in Ireland you can get the Guppy Friend from https://www.paxwholefoodsecogoods.com



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9-11yrs, 4-5yrs, 5-7yrs, 7-9yrs


Olive, Turqoise, Navy, Lilac, Cerise, Custom


Aran, Flowers


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Kids Size Chart

How to measure

Measure your child, or a good fitting jumper or jacket. Our sizing is generous.

Kids Size Chart