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Womens Fleeces for the summer

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Womens Fleeces for the summer

Sunset achill island

Really, Womens Fleeces for the summer?

I hear you laugh, but wearing nice Womens Fleeces in the summer is not unusual.

And really,  unless you are hitting the southern hemisphere, most summer evenings need a little wrap up. Especially by the sea when the evening breeze comes up.

No,  I am not jinxing the summer, just being realistic.

So I have put my thinking cap on and have been working on a few loose and very funky fleeces. Something simple and elegant, at home on the beach, the garden or in a fancy restaurant.

That was the brief in my head. So here is number 1) a very simple loose coat, 3/4 sleeve , 1 button in the style of a long cardigan. I thought it would be very elegant over white or cream linen trousers , or casual over shorts for a walk on the beach. womens Fleece cardigan                                               2) A funky little short Jacket, classic and for a change                                                                 in black. (never do much in black)

Womens Fleeces Swing Jacket             3) The groovy, oh so comfy Jumper big and baggy, more like a Poncho  Comfort pure

Ladies summer coatWomens Fleeces comfy jumper

Of course they will be available in a whole range of colours, just fancied making in these colours for a change.

What do you think of the look, Funky, Cosy Elegance, for all occasions ?

These new Items are just a preview , not online yet, as I had a very frustrating week with the techies from my website host. Asking them to do a job, and job not done…….    the usual.

I am changing the look and performance of my online shop with a new theme, to make it easier and more enjoyable to browse my shop. But it all takes time, my patience is tested.

Patience one of the most important things in life.   As mothers and fathers our patience is well worn and tested every day.  Is there any point in loosing the head?

Have a great week, and let me know what you think,   All the best Sabine




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