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Winter clothes for kids, the time is coming

winter clothes for kids

Winter clothes for kids needed,

Brrrrr it is getting cold out there. This time last week, I saw some kids going for a dip in the sea. But today was the first real wintery day, and it is definitely  time for winter clothes for kids.

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Of course I am freezing too, and voila my big fleecy jumper came out. The fire got an extra log and it is nice and cozy in the house now.

Time we got some serious hygge going. Are you wondering what I am talking about? It’s the Danish word for cozying up for the winter, or better cozying up full stop.

unique custom fleece blanketThe Danes have made it into an art form and it involves;  cosy blankets, nice food, candles, hot drinks, time spent with the ones you love and feel relaxed with.

It’s about simplicity, friendship, simple fun.

And the Danes are, according to statistics, some of  the happiest people in the world.Womens Fleece Sweater

Of course you can create hygge for yourself at home, a nice fire, a soft blanket, a cosy jumper, a lovely cuppa, a good book, nice music and the world is pretty ok, don’t you think?

Create a nest for yourself, on your own or with the ones you love, and just relax. Your favourite food, your favourite socks, your favourite scent, take out some board games, turn off the telly, switch off the phone.

Isn’t that what winter is about?  A time to slow down a bit, sleep a little more or maybe sleep better.

Ladies fleece jacket'Bolero'If you want to know more about hygge here is a link to an Irish Times review of ‘The little book of Hygge’ 

I was given it last winter, and have just rediscovered it. A cosy attitude to winter, let the fires blaze and the kettle always be hot.

Take care       Sabine             check out our shop

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