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Warm Clothing for Winter

warm clothing for winter

Warm Clothing for winter,

I am sitting here in front of my fire, and am glad I have plenty of warm clothing for winter.

It is cold out there, the wind is howling and the hail is drumming against my window.

Winter on Achill Island,   and plenty of warm clothing is needed. It’s not so much frost that we get, the gulf stream passing by prevents that, but it is the biting wind and damp cold.warm jacket

So for me wrapping up is the order of the day, and plenty of fuel on the fire, tea of course not to be forgotten.  Browse Shop

I love listening to the radio, while I work or really anytime. This week it has been more than annoying with all the black friday ads and the christmas commerce on overdrive. So annoying…..

It lead me to listen to internet radio, at the moment I am listening to Smoothe Jazz from London

Most enjoyable and ad free, love it.

I am in business and want to sell my clothing, but I wouldn’t push my products down people’s throats. My customers have some sense, they buy a great quality, original product, pass it on when they get tired of it and then purchase something new. 

Let me tell you this story. Not so long ago I spoke to a customer of mine and she showed me some photos of her now grown daughter at a festival during the autumn. Guess what the daughter was wearing? A jacket I made about 15 years ago.  The lady told me, she had worn it got tired of it, then her sister wore it for a while, and one of her other daughters had it then. In between she would wear it and now her youngest daughter had discovered it and was wearing it non stop. 

warm cape sweaterWashed many a times, quality clothing in classic styling won’t wear out and will always appeal to somebody.  In my eyes that is responsible shopping, protecting the environment and the future.

Yes, we do get tired of our wardrobe and fancy something new, but then just pass it on, quality is alway appreciated.

Not this senseless buying of products that we don’t need and often the quality is questionable.

Creating waste mountains that the world can do without.   More on the subject you can find here

      Have a great weekend,     All the very best Sabine   Browse Shop                                              Best Baby Gift               fleece accessories

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