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Travel Clothes, your favourites?

Travel Clothes

Fleeces, ideal travel clothes?

I can only look at this from my own personal perspective as a woman and a mother travelling. For me Fleeces are ideal travel clothes for myself as well as my kids.[maxbutton id=”4″ ] Ladies Fleece Cape

How I come to that? Over the years I have done my fair share of travelling in all sorts of outfits. What I like best are loose trousers. or trousers with a bit of stretch, a light t shirt or top, and a cardigan or light jacket.Ladies Fleeces

Often airports are draughty, hot one minute, cold the next. My clothing needs to be able to adjust to that. I like to be comfortable, but also like to look well, even when I am tired and in need of some comfort.

Many a different jacket I have tried, but since I discovered fleece jackets those are my favourites. Wanting to look smart and be comfortable has been the drive behind my ladies fleece clothing range. To me the fabric is just so useful especially for travelling. It is light, doesn’t crease, no bulk (unless its a big winter coat) wipe clean in a lot of cases, and washes and dries easily.

Aran fleece Multi JacketTravelling with kids

All the above factors have made it for me important to always have a fleece with me when my kids were small.

The tired chill before absolute crankiness, the chill of a rainy day, the chill after a swim, cozying up in the car.Handmade Fleece hooded jacket

All these instances were helped by a the cosy comfort of a fleece. And if they spilled something on it, mostly a wipe in the bathroom fixed the matter short term. Until I got back to the hotel, a quick wash and ready for action in the morning.

As for the baby blankets, many uses on many occasions for many people.  On the beach, in the grass, strange beds made more homely, in the car….. they are the most useful baby presents to get, without a doubt.

I hope you are looking forward to your holidays, pack light and versatile, lots of luggage is such a pain. Mix and match, and you will have something for all eventualities.

All the best Sabine   [maxbutton id=”4″ ] Personalized unique Baby Blanket    baby presents irelandFunky Childrens Fleeces


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