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Shedding layers of stylish warm clothing?

Winter Achill island


Stylish warm clothing, time for spring?

I am wondering, is it time to shed some layers of my stylish warm clothing and let the sun is?

Here on the island it has been cold the last few weeks. Bitter is probably an appropriate word. The windchill factor really made it feel very unpleasant .   Browse shopShort Bolero Jacket

Now, it has to be said, it looked nice, sun, clouds, and yet another sleet shower. But to go outside it was layers upon layers of clothing. Finished off with a big warm windproof jacket.

My warm coat for women

worked a treat with its double layer of fleece, no wind came through. Yes, the wind here on the island is never too far. It teaches us lessons of humility, levels all high falutin ideas. Living on an island on the west coast of Ireland gives me a very different perspective on life. When the wind howls a good old gale, the priorities in life shift.

Coats and Jackets, warm coats for womenThe very strong and direct nature that surrounds us, makes me feel very small and as important as a grain of sand. I am just part of this cycle of life, much stronger than me. Those who think that they can tame or conquer nature are fools. And I think  all the natural disasters in the last few years have  proven that.

When I hear the wind howl, and watch the mountains of see pass by in front of my house, I know who is in charge.

There is only one thing to do, put on my warm coat for women , and try and keep warm. It is hard task on those days, the wind just gets everywhere. 

It doesn’t frighten me, I know my place and am happy with that. There is always someplace in the world where there are worse conditions, I am not complaining.

It’s a way of life here on the island, we live with the wind and the sea, its moods, its power. 

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