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Personalized Baby Blankets for the World

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Personalized Baby Blankets for the World

personalized baby blankets achill island

 Personalized Baby Blankets for the World?

Sabine, what are you on about?

I am just delighted and excited. Still, even though I am 2 years down the road with my webshop, I get excited when I post parcels off to far away regions. [maxbutton id=”6″]

Fleece Baby Blanket personalizedThis week it has been Alaska, New Zealand, Japan and Switzerland. All Personalized Baby Blankets, made on a little island in the west of Ireland, next stop New York. Fleece Baby Blanket'Kite personalized

My postmistress is getting used to it, but we still have a smile at the more far away locations. Yes, the wonders of the world wide web.

The Web

There is so much opportunity out there these days, new ways of making a living. I read a few articles about blogging during the week, and the people behind the scene.

All people that were tired of the normal 9-5 way of life and decided to change. Sometimes things happened in their lives that made them rethink.

It is an amazing concept to be able to make your living on your laptop from anywhere in the world. All you need  is an internet connection.

I make part of my living online, through my Webshop, but I still have to be on Achill Island to cut, sew and design my Designer Fleeces. I still have a studio to go to and pick up the scissors, or sit at the sewing machine.

Designer Fleeces

Talking of Designer Fleeces, I have some new pieces coming.Womens Fleece Dress

A new fabric for the kids, a new design for the motif jackets, a few pieces for men, and I have just photographed a new dress for the Ladies, online soon.

I heard a guy talking about giving up his job and starting his own business on the Anton Savage Show, during the week.  It is true, you swap a 40 hrs week for a 80 hrs week, but you are your own boss, and love what you do. The job satisfaction is 100% , it’s a way of life.

On that note, I wish you a good, satisfying week         Take care Sabine            [maxbutton id=”2″]

Personalized Baby Blankets Achill Island



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