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Great Irish Mens Fleeces

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Great Irish Mens Fleeces

Irish Mens Fleeces

Looking for Irish Mens Fleeces?

How important is it to you to buy Irish? Little clothing is made in Ireland these days and I am proud to say we make here on Achill Island some great Irish Mens Fleeces.

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Even though  our economy seems to be improving, and there is a tendency to forget about irish goods, it is really important to buy Irish.

In France for example, there is great pride in French Product, the Germans too like buying products made in Germany.  In Ireland there seems to be still a fascination with buying products from abroad.

Clothing RealityMens Hooded Fleece

A lot of the clothing products, may have big french or italian or whatever names, but are probably made in a factory in China, Turkey, Morocco or Poland.

Thousands of products run through those CMT (cut make and trim) factories, one week they run one brand, next week another.

Nothing personal, nothing special,  Mass production.

Blackfield Clothing Studio

Our process is very different. We are old fashioned. Coming towards the summer we make some stock to supply our shops, but most internet orders are cut and made individually.

Mens Fleece PulloverWe can take your wishes into account, lengthen sleeves, shorten bodies, adding a hood. It is all in a day’s work.

It is a very individual and personal service Blackfield Clothing Studio offers, we like it that way.

The world is a crazy place, too fast, not enough time to be an individual? Not enough time to notice the world around you?

Take a breath and treat yourself Gentlemen, treat them all, Ladies, Children and Babies. Treat yourself to a cosy Fleece, handmade by us with love.

We are not anonymous, we listen to what you need, and are happy to help.

No greater pleasure than your joy regarding your new jumper or jacket. getting those Thank You email means a lot.

On that note, I better go and look at that work in the studio, and put the laptop aside Mens Fleece Jumper

’til next week, take care, buy local, buy Irish     Sabine


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