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Handmade Baby Blankets,No1 Baby Gift

Blackfield Clothing Studio-Ireland / My Blog  / Handmade Baby Blankets,No1 Baby Gift

Handmade Baby Blankets,No1 Baby Gift

Handmade Baby BlanketsAlert,  Alert, a lot of Handmade Baby Blankets needed.

I was the other day at Ikea Dublin, and wow there are a lot of Babies, either just born or about to be born.

Last summers, nice warm summer nights, making love by moonlight and all that, ……..      yes lots of Babies.

I don’t think there is any fear of an Ireland without children.

Well if you are looking for, as voted by EU Mum, the best, most loved Baby Present, give one of our Handmade Baby Blankets. Hot-Totz Fleece Baby Blanket

They go on and on, in and out of the wash, later for Dolls, Teddies, or used as Knee or shoulder Rugs.

A present of a Handmade Baby Blanket, will never go wrong. Of course now you can make it extra special and personalise and customize it. Check it out, free delivery worldwide.Hot-Totz Handmade Fleece Baby Blanket

Speaking of Babies, here on the Island we have a lot of Lambs, if you are coming to visit, drive with care, they are unpredictable, and all over the road.Handmade Baby Blankets

Yes we had some lovely spring weather, lifting everybody’s spirits, but I am afraid these last few days we are back to winter. Rain,Wind and all that. It is supposed to dry up towards the end of the week. Just in time for Easter, and the first Holiday of the Season.

Sleepytime is OVER, time to get the show on the road. Blackfield Clothing Studios Homestore, The Yellow Lady Design Centre is ready to go, and will be OPEN on Wednesday for the Holiday Period in the afternoons. The Yellow Lady Design Centre is not the ‘Achill Fleece Shop’, no , we sell Art and Craft from Mayo and have been getting in lovely new bits and pieces from our suppliers.

Hot-Totz Handmade Fleece Baby BlanketI love this time of the year, all is fresh and new, the Daffodils are out and the first leaves are appearing on the bushes.  Time for Growth, Rebirth, Birth,  I hope you all have a very happy Easter.Handmade Baby Blankets

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