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A night for a Fleece Blanket

Wrapped up in my Fleece Blanket, I am sitting here writing this Blog Post. It is a howler of a night.  We have had gale force winds all day and all evening, with very heavy rain.  Fleece Blankets

The first gale in a while, just to remind us who is boss.    No, this is nothing like the Hurricane Irma.   My sympathy is with the people living in its path.  But it is a reminder non the less to us how strong nature is. Housewarming gift, Fleece blanket

Living here on Achill Island, living with the power of the sea and wind, it always amazes me how anybody can doubt the power of nature.

I feel no bigger than a grain of sand on the beach, a tiny spec, of no importance.

Cosy Blankets

Cosy blankets and tea are the order of the night, comfort and warmth. It is hard to keep the heat in when the wind howls. There is something nice about wrapping yourself into a blanket after the summer. It is definitely autumn, don’t want to call it winter.

It’s not been much of a summer, too much rain, the ground is sodden. I certainly wore my fleeces a lot, not many days for summer dresses. Living in Ireland, what a good investment a quality fleece is, you use it all year round.  

Big Sweater                    Fleece Shop

It has been a busy summer, and where as many of you are nicely refreshed after your holidays, the tiredness is hitting me.  A few quieter weeks will be much appreciated before the next rush. 

Will we have a nice winter, like we had last year?  That is the million dollar question. I hope for a bit more sunshine, it brightens up the mood. We will see, every day another adventure. 

In my house, a bad day means candles, the stove lit, nice food, tea, blankets, something to warm the soul. A good day means get outside as much as possible, catch some rays.      

Fleece Patchwork Blanket

On that note I say good night, I wish you lots of sunshine, and if not some warm blankets and tea.

                        all the very best    have a good week Sabine       Baby Blankets


    Fleece Baby BlanketHandmade Fleece Blanket

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