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Designer Childrens Clothing

Designer Childrens Clothing Achill Island Wild Atlantic Way

Designer Childrens Clothing – without the price tag

Welcome to Blackfield Clothing Studio!

We make Designer Childrens Clothing from high quality mainly polyester Fleece fabrics. For me Designer Childrens Clothing has to be wearable, washable, and affordable.     [maxbutton id=”2″]

We are not a big brand, no fancy advertising, no fancy name, no big price tag.Aran fleece Multi Jacket

From us you buy individual pieces, each motif is that little bit different, hand cut , handmade.

Small runs

Childrens Fleece HoodieBlackfield Clothing Studio is a Cottage industry.We are 2 women working away, filling your orders, listening to your ideas and combining them with our own. We don’t have a massive production, from us you buy special clothing, made with care and affection.

Achill Island / Wild Atlantic Way

Like everything in life, we are influenced by our  surroundings, the beauty and ruggedness of Achill Island on the Wild Atlantic Way.  The forever changing weather, the big, beautiful skies, the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

It is the weather that inspired originally my Fleece Clothing. A good quality Polyester Fleece will wash and wash, looking great after every use/ abuse. The most important bit being, it never absorbs more than 10% of its own weight in water, which means it dries very quickly. Ideal for us rural dwellers, dealing with a lot of rain coming straight from the Ocean. Drying Clothes can be a challenge here on Achill Island on the Wild Atlantic Way.Girls Fleece Hat

And of course, we like being warm. It is lovely to get the warmth from Fleece without the heaviness of other clothing.


I have never believed in making Designer Clothing that can only be worn by the well off. Our Clothing is not cheap, but everybody can afford it. Sometimes it may take a few weeks of saving, but what I the harm in that. Isn’t it even nicer when the package comes and you try it on??? Nothing wrong with delayed gratification, I certainly enjoy it.

On that note, have a nice week, and enjoy the treats when they come.       [maxbutton id=”2″]

All the best Sabine      hot-Totz Childrens fleeces

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