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Baby Presents Ireland

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Baby Presents Ireland

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You have come to the right spot. Have a look at our unusual, handmade baby presents voted by our customers ‘Best Baby Present ever’.                 baby presents irelandpersonalized unique fleece Baby Blanket

Yes I may be in a jovial mood, but I am not joking, for the last 20 years families have loved giving and receiving our Baby Blankets, Jackets and Hats.

Kids Fleece Hats Kids Hooded Fleece Jacket

This is theeee address for Baby Presents Ireland, you won’t regret it, it’s a gift for life. Kids Fleece Jacket

I have had such nice emails over the last few days re our baby blankets, I am feeling great. Feeling the joy my customers had, giving those blankets, makes me happy.

A new year, new babies, the days are getting longer, all good.

I had a bit of a break from writing for the last 4 weeks, it was busy and then christmas. Like all good things, and no matter how much I enjoy all aspects of my work, a break works wonders.

The struggle of work/life balance is always a problem, and I do forget to take breaks. So many of us struggle with  balance in our lives.

My plan for 2017 is to do better, to not forget to take a break, to not try and be super woman.

Blackfield Clothing studio achill isl

Do you suffer from that ‘always too much’ syndrome, the ‘never having time for me’ syndrome?

It’s hard to get it right, but we must try to find the balance, for our health, for our families, and most importantly for us.

I have started the year by doing my main grocery shop online, and it has freed up a lot of time, its just great.

My next aim is to only work 5 days a week and actually take a few days off. No computer work, just doing things like gardening, baking, visiting friends, and of course family time.

We will see how that works as the year progresses. So far it has been great.

I wish you some quality time, time to breath for 2017.  All the best Sabine          [maxbutton id=”3″ ] Kids Fleece Clothing


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