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Baby blankets and personalized baby blankets the best baby present

Baby Blankets personalized baby blankets the best baby present

 Baby Blankets and personalized Baby Blankets the best baby present, why?

Every child is so unique and wonderful, don’t they deserve one of our  baby blankets or personalized baby blankets ? Something that is just theirs. Especially made for them. Is that not the best baby present?   [maxbutton id=”6″ ]

Our speciality are baby blankets and personalized baby blankets.

We take pride in our work, and want to give you the best  baby present, made in Ireland.

Blackfield Clothing Studio is a true cottage industry. Our home and work is  here on Achill Island on the Wild Atlantic Way.

Our inspiration comes from what surrounds us, the wind , the sun , the rain, nature. We love what we do, and we love where we live.


best baby presentAn original baby present

We don’t mass produce.  All of our Baby Blankets are an original present.

Each motif, each name is cut out by hand. Then it is sewn onto a blanket without rules or regulation. Each personalized gift has its own character, its own little quirkiness.

We work with polyester fleece that we source ethically, no toxins, and partly recycled polyester. And as far as we know, decent working condition.

In order to protect the oceans from microplastics  we are waiting in anticipation the launch of the ‘Guppy Friend’. As soon as it is launched we will let you know where to get it.

We are proud to make our unique baby blankets in Ireland. And we are happy to personalize your baby blanket.

That will make it the very best baby present , not to mention it is extremely useful.

Our Baby Blankets come in handy at home, in the car, travelling on the grass and on the beach.

They are light, wash easy, dry fast and of course give instant comfort. The premium quality polyester fleece washes perfectly for generations. (I am not joking).

In a world where so much is uniform and regulated, we pride ourselves on our quirkiness, our individualism.

And as already mentioned we are proud to be one of the few Studios left making in Ireland.

Ireland has some great new young designers, but most of the production of clothing has moved abroad.

Baby Gift Keepsake

Our ‘best baby presents’ are often Keepsakes, we had many comments to that effect over the years. The blankets have a long use, from baby Swaddle, to great carseat or buggy blanket , to watch a movie rug.

Kids and parents get very attached to them, and therefore they end up in the Keepsake Box. After 20 years of making Baby Blankets some have been handed on to the next generation.

I am so proud of that!  That interaction with our customers is what keeps us going, and puts a smile on our faces.


Baby Blankets with nameIn my opinion (thoughts on happiness)

Every child should grow up being able to express themselves and grow into living their true self.

Being Happy and fulfilled  is the goal, that’s what I tell my children.

You can only spread happiness and contentment, if you are happy and content.   Of course everybody goes through hard times, it’s called growing pains. They are not the end of the world, they are there for us to learn.  And often to learn what not to do. You learn by your mistakes.

And isn’t it a feeling of wonderful growth when you have mastered a rough patch, learned your lesson?

There are so many false avenues out there, money being the worst. Do you really need that big fancy house, that will have you stressed out worrying about the repayments? Or would you not be better off with a little house, where your children can grow up in love and happiness, with not so stressed parents?

This is the question I think a lot of people don’t weigh up enough. The quality of their lives.Personalized baby present

It is in each of our hands to create our own happiness, and share the love and joy.

Our Mission

Our job is to give that perfect little new being instant warmth and comfort. And hope the parents have a smile on their face and comfort in knowing that their new baby is feeling good.

We have had babies over the years that according to their parents wouldn’t sleep without their baby blanket. In one case I had to make an exact replica, so the blanket could be washed. A funny story but true.

I hope you will enjoy giving or receiving your baby blanket or personalized baby blanket and the child will have many happy times feeling cozy and secure.

Looking for some gift ideas? follow the link

Have a great week Sabine      [maxbutton id=”6″ ]

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