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Summer Holidays Achill Island

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Summer Holidays Achill Island

Achill Island 'Minaun Cliffs'

Achill Island is a Holiday resort

We have a lot of families visiting, enjoying the tranquility and beauty of the Island.

The island is connected via a bridge to the mainland, so it is easy to access. Being right out on the very western part of Ireland, we get a lot of very mixed weather.  We get a lot of wind, and we are deffo not a lying in the sun sort of holiday.

Yes, there are sunny days, but when is the question, or where do I find a sheltered spot.

Here you always need a Jacket or Jumper the right inspiration to make Fleece Clothing I hear you say. Correct. Lots of my customers call my work the ‘Achill Fleeces’, maybe that’s what I should have called my business.

Where does Blackfield come from? The village that I live in is called Dugort, the translation from the Irish Language is Black Field. It is the Northern side of the Island. It seemed a good idea at the time, and has stood the test of time.

The Main Tourist season is about to kick off, it is short but hectic. Families come to walk, surf, kitesurf, snorkel, kajak, horse ride or just to tune into nature and relax, change the pace of life.

Even though a lot of people dream of living here, the contrast between summer and winter is stark.

In summertime we double our population from over 2000 to 4000.

In winter it is not necessary cold, the golf stream prevents that, but it is bleak, windy, rainy, but also very beautiful. To be able to be happy here, one must be a fairly self contained person, see beauty in the storm, and have a passion to follow.

If I didn’t have my little business, creating Ladies and Children’s Fleece Jackets, Baby Blankets, Hats and a lot more, I think I couldn’t live here. I like being busy, doing what I enjoy, letting my phantasie run wild (sometimes)

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