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Handmade designer fleeces

Handmade Designer Fleeces

Since 1995 Blackfield Clothing Studio is the main maker of Designer Fleeces in Ireland,

Here on Achill Island we make high quality, unique fleeces for all the family.

 Stylish Fleece Jackets, Jumpers, Coats etc for Women, Children and Men are therefore on our menu.

All our designer fleeces are handmade for you in the Home of one of our Team. Our Philosophy is to provide a Quality Product from ethically sourced materials. To the best of our knowledge, our fleece is knitted from recycled polyester yarn.

As a responsible maker, we are aware of the environmental impact of synthetic clothing. How to protect the environment find out more here

We source our regular fleece fabric through Germany. All suppliers have to sign the Reach form. That ensures there are no toxic substances used in the making of the fabric, and as far as we can ascertain the working conditions in the fabric factories are fair.  Our other fabrics are made in Spain.

   Most item are made to order. Therefore customisation is not a problem.

  As a rule we dispatch in 7-10 working days.


Hot-Totz Designer Childrens Fleeces at affordable prices

Our fun kids clothing has kept many a child warm and cosy all over the world.

Our High Quality Fleece Fabric doesn’t wear out. It washes perfectly, dries quickly, and copes with spills admirably!

The Styling of our fleeces is unique and hence catches many an admiring glance.


The ‘Hot-Totz’ Fleece Baby Blanket, an original, handmade Baby Gift, (Baby Shower Gift).

It has been voted the best Baby Present by many a Mum, Dad, Grandparent and Friend.

We are happy to personalize all Baby Blankets for you.

Whether a blanket for a Baby Boy or a Baby Girl, you can just never go wrong.

Our Baby Blankets mostly go into the ‘Keep forever’ baby box when no longer in use.

         The Motifs and Aran Patterns on our Jackets and Blankets are unique in their colour combinations.

Therefore, each piece has a sparkle of individuality.


Ladies Fleeces, Mens Fleeces

Our Blackfield Ladies Fleece Range was born out of the Mum’s desire to be just as warm and cosy as their kids.

The women’s fleeces are designed to be elegant, comfortable and fashionable and timeless.

My Fleeces are perfect for casual wear, but in addition, can easily be dressed up for a more formal occasion.

We make handmade Fleece Jackets, Hoodies, Pullovers, Fleece Coats, Hats, Scarves and cute dresses.

By request, I have recently added a range for the men in our lives, yes I am talking about you Gentlemen.

You have spoken, I have listened, and the range will grow with your feedback.


One question that comes up is the question of sales. Instead of having Sales to clear my over stocks, I give them to our

local charity shop. Every year they get a bag.

I hope you like what you see , wishing you all the best   Blackfiels Clothing studio designer Fleeces


     you can contact me here , and our privacy policy can be found here.


  Enjoy, Life is too short to be cold and uncomfortable. Look great, feel good, take care of Mother Earth, its the only one we have got.

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As it is getting colder, a few new pieces in my #onlineshop. We all get tired of our clothes, we evolve, we change and what we wear is an expression of who we are. Traditionally, autumn and spring are the wardrobe make over times, #changingseasons. I don't believe in fast fashion, never have. My customers tell me, my clothing lasts and lasts. So if you feel you need something different, try a makeover on your existing clothes. Sometimes a scarf, a broach, a bit of lace, can work wonders. If that doesn't satisfy you, pass it on. Friends, Charity Shops, Second hand shops, online platforms. You never know what you may find on your excursion. If it is a new Blackfield piece your heart desires, or a special present you want to give, I thank you. It will put bread and butter on the table and I will continue to try and help make this world a better place for our children. My fleece fabric is from recycled plastic bottles, there are 2 videos on my overhauled website to show the process. Enjoy browsing and thank you for your interest Sabine #sustainableliving #substainablefashion #warmandcozy #freeshipping #uniqueclothing #handmade #achillisland #amazingachill #wildatlanticway #westofireland

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