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Gift Ideas

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I have been in that situation myself often enough, and my mind at times just seems to go blank.

Here are a few Gift ideas to help you along, they have been tried and tested.


Baby Gifts

Our most popular Baby Gift are the  Handmade Baby Blankets. There are numerous different options to choose from, one to suit every child and home.  All our Baby Blankets can now be personalized.                                                                                                         Hot-Totz Fleece Baby Blanketbest baby gift

There is also the option of creating your own unique blanket and add a name.Bespoke Baby BlanketHandmade Custom Baby blanket


Another Gift idea is the Fleece Patchwork Baby Blanket, more of a Cot Blanket, or great on the Floor. It has Double Fleece thickness and each Blanket is an original. Of course it can be personalized.

Fleece Patchwork Baby BlanketHandmade Baby Gift Idea


The next Gift idea is our  Handmade Fleece Motif Jacket with or without Hat. We start our Baby Jackets at 6-12 months.Childrens FleecesGirls Fleece Jacket

Kids Fleece Hats


A Hat on its own is always a welcome small Gift, you can never have enough hats.


Kids Gifts

For the smaller children, the Motif Jackets with a Hat, or just a Jacket, or just a Hat, are the most popular gifts for the 1-4 age group. Please remember our sizing is generous.


For the bigger children, three items have been most popular

Girls Hooded Fleece Jumper                            Childrens Fleece HoodieGirls Fleece Dress

Girls Hooded Fleece Pullover                 Boys Fleece Hoodie                                      Girls Jumper Dress


We also have Blankets for the big kids, they don’t just look nice on a bed, they are also so comforting when coming home from kinder garden or school. You could add a Motif Fleece Cushion Cover , the perfect combination.


All of our Blankets are perfectly suitable for any couch, chair or bed whether adults or children.


A Cushion Cover by itself  is a wonderful small gift to bring some cheer anywhere in the house.


Fleece Blanket Kites                            handmade fleece blanket                          Fleece blanket Dots


Gifts for Ladies

Always welcome are our Hats , on their own or with Scarfs or Wrist Warmers combined. Of course each of these are a lovely small present just on their own.


Fleece Beret            Fleece Hat and Scarf set                    Fleece Accessoires                    Fleece Scarves

il_fullxfull.683627305_4q3c.jpg                                Fleece Hooded Scarf                               Fleece Wrist Warmers

Not to forget the Hood Scarf , a unique and warm Gift.


Buying a Jacket or Jumper for Someone is never easy, if I had to recommend one or two I would pick these;


The Ladies Fleece Jacket ‘Bolero’, a simple classic, very useful and versatile and

the Jumper and Jackets of the ‘Aran’ range have been popular with all ages in all its variations.

Ladies Fleece Jumper                         Womens fleece Jackets                                   Ladies Fleece Jacket Aran

Stylish Ladies Fleece Jacket                           Ladies Fleece jacket with Zip                         Saturday Fleece Jumper


The Stylish Ladies Fleece, the Ladies Zip Jacket as well as the Saturday Jumper have been  very popular.


Wedding, 18th Birthday, 21st Birthday, Family Gift, House Warming Gift


Last but not least the our most special Gift is the Double Fleece Patchwork Rug.  Nothing much to add, we only make a few per year, and it is much loved. Some Families have a few, one for everyone.


As already mentioned above, a smaller Gift would be any of our other single fleece double size Blankets, or a Pillow and Blanket Set a welcome gift for anywhere in the home.

Housewarming gift, Unconventional Wedding GiftPatchwork Fleece Blanket Double