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  Hi,You are very welcome to Blackfield Clothing Studio online.   I am Sabine, Creator, Cutter, Blackfield Clothing studio Packer, Graphic Designer, Sewer(with help), web designer, marketeer i.e. General Factotum. The Book stops with me! Making colourful Kids Fleeces (Hot-Totz), and stylish handmade Ladies Fleeces (Blackfield) is my passion. My unique Baby Blankets and cute little Baby Fleeces have been much loved Baby Presents (Baby Shower Gifts) since 1995. I hope you enjoy this website, and maybe you will find something to warm up your day.                  

Achill Island Morning


Big Swell!

Blackwednesday AchillIsland

One of the many Beaches


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    'Got your parcel today, thank you for the prompt delivery, my wife loved the Jackets.' Dr S. Kerry, Ireland

    'This is a great product! We love all of the Blackfield Clothing products! and order as often as we need fleece!'
    Mrs K. Martha's Vinyard, USA

    'Ladies Fleece Hat,
    Great Price and super fast shipping!' Mrs S. New York, USA

    'Glad to have found you, bought one of your Fleeces on a visit 10 years ago, it still looks great, but I would love a treat. Love the Choice, will order shortly.' Mrs M. London

    'Bought one of your Fleeces for my Grandson during the summer, went down a treat. Thank you, will be back.'
    Mr L. Hanover,Germany

    'I ordered a Jacket and Hat last month from you, just wanted to say how delighted I am, I was stopped on the street in New York and asked where I got my ensemble!' Mrs W. New York, USA

    'Gave one of your Baby Blankets as a present, great success, easiest and most successful Baby Present bought ever. Will repeat.' Mr G. Dublin Ireland

    There is more, but I am running out of space, Sorry

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